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Koru [ko-roo], the Maori circular symbol for creation and the idea of perpetual movement, is based on the unfurling frond of the native fern. In the way the fern exemplifies Spring's awakening, it is the deeper representation of the way life both changes and stays the same that inspired the foundations of Koru Interiors.

Our designs and seamless approach aim to instil this sense of harmony, tranquillity and utility into your home - elements to give you a completely unique, functional and impressive living space to grow within.




Luxury Interior Designer in London. Bespoke interior designs.


Unfurl A New Beginning With A Bespoke Koru Design

Our approach is always personal. When designing a living space, we will work very closely with you to hone your vision by considering factors such as the reason for the change, how it will be used, and by whom. Will this become a long-term family home, a short term property investment or even just a temporary business re-location? Getting to know you helps us refine the functional requirement within which to embed balance and regeneration, ensuring that it suits you perfectly.






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Luxury Interior Designers in London