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Our Story

Angela Gardner, owner and lead designer, had been travelling the world in search of inspiration for a new creative outlet. While recovering from an injury in New Zealand, she came to realise the importance of one's home environment to wellbeing. A true eureka moment!

So, amidst the magnificent backdrop of verdant forests, tranquil fjords and rugged, snow-capped mountains, the ethos of Koru Interiors was born. A symbol of her own new beginning.

Koru Interiors has but one simple goal; to transform every client's home or property into a stylish haven for growth - a peaceful sanctuary, moulded around enhancing the lifestyle, character and objective of its occupant.



Luxury Interior Designer in London. Owner Angela Gardner.

Where We Are Today

Our commercial approach which unites strong project management, cost planning and financial control with a commitment to delivering the finest solution to every brief, has granted us the privilege of designing for some of the most luxurious properties in the UK and abroad.

Word of mouth recommendations have been our primary source of client list growth which, we believe, stands as a testament to the passion and personal energy we devote to every project.

Angela still travels extensively, continuously drawing on the aesthetics and cultural styles of the places she visits, ensuring that Koru Interiors always has fresh and diverse design ideas to pull from. 



Luxury Interior Designer in London. Bespoke interior designs. Textured bed.

Luxury Interior Designer in London.



Forming Connections

Establishing a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect with our clients is of utmost importance. From the start, the Koru Interiors team endeavours to truly listen to you, absorbing your aspirations for the space, how you and others utilise it as well as your general lifestyle. We then devise and generate plans to bring your ideal, luxury haven to life based on the union of these elements.



A Work Of Passion

Our mission is to infuse every property we work on, with the qualities of comfort, calm, wonder, beauty and a sense of utility which will be unique to each individual space.

We appreciate that designing lovely interiors allows us to channel our creative energies, but above all we enjoy witnessing the effervescent satisfaction of our clients after seeing their new home spaces.


Bespoke Interior Design in London. Brown dining room.


Our Design Style

Contemporary would best describe our overarching style, but we are bold enough to incorporate bright colours, intrepid patterns and sundry textures for both visual and tactile variety.

It is crucial that we consider the building, the rooms themselves and of course individual client requirements if we are to harmonise our style with the space and synthesise the perfect result.

Current trends nor predetermined design frameworks can cage us in. Our luxury interior designs are always unique to you and your life in the property.



Who We Work For

Our work often leads us to luxury homes across London, and some frequent areas include Hampstead, Chelsea, Knightsbridge and Islington. As many of our clients have second homes abroad, our work takes us internationally as well.  

Additionally, we offer design services for exterior spaces to those yearning for their own private piece of green refuge. Apart from bringing you closer to nature, beautifully well-structured gardens serve as perfect spaces to relax, play and entertain in.





Interested in working with Angela?

If you would like to work with Angela and her team on a design project, feel free to contact us today. You will be able to discuss your property during a free consultation, and let the journey begin from there.

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